JustMats Product Stewardship Policy


This Product Stewardship agreement is in accordance with JustMats Product Stewardship PolicyJustMats takes up the responsibility to reduce the environmental effects of managing end-of-life products.  JustMats is committed to responsible life cycle management and the core principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility.

As a manufacturer of RolaDek® Entrance Mats, JustMats understands that corporate social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods. In conjunction with our manufacturing suppliers we will take back all the components of our RolaDek ® Entrance Mats, at the end of their life cycle.

These products will be recycled by approved operators/recycling companies.

Where insert  treads have worn and require replacement, JustMats uses the original Aluminium rails and Vinyl footing and refurbishes the RolaDek® Entrance Mat with new insert treads, on site or in the manufacturer’s plant.

The conditions of collection and refurbishment will be negotiated by both parties.